Charmaine Brown

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I enjoy long trips around the lakes and listening to audiobooks while doing so.


I play the ukulele rather enthusiastically. I may be musical, but I can't sing... like, at all.


I have been a scout/guide on and off, for 18 years, over the past 28 years. For 6 years I was a leader of a group of beavers. (5-7 yr olds).


I love photography and shooting videos on my mobile. I also vlog sometimes (haven't done for a while though).


I am an admin on several Facebook pages/groups, where I help arrange events, post updates and advertise (general community management).


I get a kick out of helping out friends and family, with their technical stuff! Especially when it comes to social media and websites.


I love love love to travel! (But I don't get to, as much as I would like.)

And definitely not now...


I am a self-proclaimed Android nerd and I love gadgets. I usually know when a new gadget is being released. And then I buy it...


If you want to know, what I seek in an employer, you can click the YOU-button at the top of this page, or here.


#Nerd #Travel #Boffin #Scout #Admin #IHaveAYorkie #IPlayTheUke

A small selection of my passions:


  • Organisation of spaces and data

  • Electric Light Orchestra

  • The Legend of Zelda

  • ALL social media platforms

  • Anything horror related

  • Open source research 

  • Being outside​​ (even in the rain)

  • My pup (Yorkie)