Charmaine Brown

I live in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am a part time wheelchair user, so any workspace will need to be accessible and/or I can work from home.

I have a dog called Mocha, I love caffeine and my guilty pleasure is mayonnaise.

I love digital marketing, to the extent that I have to watch my screen time, I could live online.

On my Maslov pyramid there is a space for stationery. I have a love for the offline, old school feel and smell of paper and fountain pen ink.

I am a nerd...

#Nerd #IHaveAYorkie #IPlayTheUke

A small selection of my passions:


  • Organisation of spaces and data

  • Electric Light Orchestra

  • The Legend of Zelda

  • ALL social media platforms

  • Anything horror related

  • Open source research 

  • Being outside​​ (even in the rain)

  • My pup (Yorkie)